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 Production Base

Service Hotline:400-088-7779

Shanghai Changning Production Base

Tel:+86(0)21 6252 2296
Fax:+86(0)21 6212 5905
MB:+86 18918729988
       Deng huaping
       General Manager
Add:No.171 Lane 680,Kaixuan Road,Shanghai (No.688 Zhaohua Road)

Shanghai Jinshan Production Base

Tel:+86(0)21 5729 3980
    +86(0)21 5729 3323
Fax:+86(0)21 5729 1585
MB:+86 13045676818
       Tan Ping
Add:No.5899 Caolang Road Qianwei Town,Jinshan District ,Shanghai(Near Jinshi Road)

Shanxi Taiyuan Production Base

Tel:+86(0)351 7942 588
Fax:+86(0)351 7954 598
MB:+86 18735126559
       Xu Wenquan
       General Manager
Add:NO.5899 Xiaoniu Road Dadaijiabao Village,Beige Town,Xiaodian District,Taiyuan,Shanxi

Tianjin Beichen Production Base

Tel:+86(0)22 2699 2262
Fax:+86(0)22 2699 8377
MB:+86 15822620083
       Zuo Xiaojin
       Deputy General Manager
Add:NO.15 Jinwei Road Industrial District,Beichen District,Tianjin

Tianjin Jinnan Production Base

Tel:+86(0)22 8865 9708-801
Fax:+86(0)22 8865 9301
MB:+86 18822112007
       Wang Sibin
       Deputy General Manager
Add:NO.6 Baoyuan Road,Jinnan Development Zone(East Zone),Tianjin

Hunan Changsha Production Base

Tel:+86(0)731 8409 6768
Fax:+86(0)731 8409 6768
MB:+86 15873146116
       Tan Qiuyun
Add:MaotangpuTanfang Village,Ansha town,Changsha county,Changsha


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  As one of the top 3 automotive corporations in China, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) (“SAIC” for short) is mainly engaged in manufacturing, sales, research and development, and investment in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and components, as well as related services trade and financial business.

Shanghai Electric engaged in the design, manufacture and sale. The company can provide system equipment and general contract projects. Its Products range over power generation equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, electromechanical integration equipment, transport equipment, machine tools, elevators, package and print machinery, environmental protection equipment etc..


Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) is a famous heavy-duty equipment manufacturer, and a state holding company listed on A and B shares in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The major shareholder is China Communication Construction Co., Ltd. (CCCC) which is one of top 500 companies in the world.


Baosteel Group Corporation (hereinafter as Baosteel)  is the most competitive steel complex in China at present. In 2008, Baosteel registered a sales revenue of RMB 246.839 billion yuan, a total profit of RMB 23.813 billion yuan, a total assets of RMB 352.497 billion yuan and a net assets of RMB 219.435 billion yuan; the total employees of Baosteel are 108914 people; Baosteel has been enrolled in Global 500 for 6 years consecutively and ranked 220th this year.

  Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (TYHI) was established in 1950. It is the first heavy machinery manufacturing enterprise designed and built by itself since e founding of new China, one of 500 largest industrial enterprises in China, one of 50 largest industrial enterprises in the machine-building industry in China and the state’s superlarge key enterprise.   
  Alstom is a global leader in power and rail transport, and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Alstom builds the fastest train and the highest capacity automated metros in the world, and provides integrated power plant solutions, equipment and associated services for a wide variety of energy sources, including hydro, nuclear, gas, coal and wind.  
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